Ferries to Sardinia - schedules and ticket prices

Ferries to Sardinia - schedule information and ticket prices. Travel to Sardinia

Sardinia is part of Italy and it is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the second largest Italian island (after Sicily) with total area of 24,090 sq. km. In fact, the island is located closer to Africa than to Italy. It is part of the territory of Italy and has the status of an autonomous region - the local population has its own Parliament.  According to the latest statistics from June 2014 the island has 1.66 million residents. The largest city and capital of Sardinia is Cagliari with around 150,000 inhabitants.

The coasts of Sardinia are mostly high and rocky, with long and relatively straight stretches of coastline, with many inlets and with various smaller islands off the coast.

SardiniaThe weather is mild in the winter and hot in the summer. The sea is fantastically beautiful and the water is extremely clear, making this island popular among the lovers of diving.

Sardinia is connected by 10 ferry routes from Italy, Sicily, Corsica and Spain with around 10 crossings operated on a daily basis.

Companies that run ferries to Sardinia in 2015:

Italy - Sardinia: Tirrenia Navigazione, MOBY Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Grandi Novi Velocy
Sicily - Sardinia: Tirrenia Navigazione
Corsica - Sardinia: MOBY Lines, Corsica Sardinia Ferries
Spain - Sardinia: Grimaldi Lines

Ferries to Sardinia from Italy:
Civitavecchia to Arbatax
Civitavecchia to Cagliari
Civitavecchia to Olbia
Civitavecchia to Porto Torres
Genova to Olbia
Genova to Porto Torres
Napoli to Cagliari

Ferries to Sardinia from Sicily:
Palermo to Cagliari

Ferries to Sardinia from Corsica:
Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura
Livorno to Golfo Aranci Ferry

Ferries to Sardinia from Spain:
Barcelona to Porto Torres Ferry